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Diabetes Symptoms

The symptoms of diabetes mellitus are generally the same for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but the way and speed in which the symptoms develop can differ.

The three main symptoms of diabetes are:


The need to urinate

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Prolonged excessive thirst

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Highly increased appetite

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Other less severe symptoms of diabetes can include:

Nausea, vomiting, temperature or stomach pains may also accompany some of these symptoms in the sudden onset of type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms

With type 1 diabetes, these symptoms can develop very quickly (over the course of weeks or even days) compared to type 2 diabetes, where symptoms may be less obvious and develop gradually.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms

A person may, however, develop type 2 diabetes without experiencing any symptoms at all, or only a few symptoms that may not seem may not seem important at the time. In fact, many people have type 2 diabetes for years without even knowing it.

If you feel you have diabetes due to occurrence of any of the symptoms listed above, you should seek medical advice and diagnosis.

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