Polyuria is one of the main three symptoms that can alert you to having diabetes, along with polydipsia and polyphagia. It can be a sign of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Polyuria is the state in which the body has to pass an abnormally large amount of urine. The usual adult amount is about 1 to 2 litres of urine a day; polyuria is passing 3 or more litres in a day.

Polyuria is closely linked with polydipsia.

Polyuria and Diabetes

Polyuria is a complication of diabetes as it can be caused by high amounts of glucose in the blood. The kidneys try to counter the high levels by filtering it out and getting rid of the sugars as a waste product, but this requires a large amount of water to be drawn from the blood to wash it out.

Therefore, a lot of water is needed to be consumed to counteract the dehydration that could occur due to low body water levels, and this excessive thirst is known as polydipsia.

When to See the Doctor if you Think you Have Polyuria

Just urinating a lot does not necessarily mean you have polyuria or diabetes, as it could be caused by a medication, or by excessive fluid intake.

If you have been exhibiting poluria symptoms for several days then it is a good idea to see a healthcare professional.

What if I already have Diabetes?

If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, then polyuria could be a sign that your blood glucose levels are too high. It is advisable to do a blood glucose test to see what levels you are currently at, and adjust your treatment methods accordingly.

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