Polydipsia and Diabetes

Polydipsia is a prolonged excessive thirst. Drinking water is important for everyone as it is necessary for different functions around the body. But continuous, strong thirst can be a sign of diabetes, particularly if it carries on after drinking.

Along with polyphagia and polyuria, it is one of the main symptoms and signs of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Polydipsia and Diabetes

As the body tries to get rid of excess glucose in a high blood sugar level system, you can end up with polyuria, and the large amount of fluid lost through urination need to be replaced, resulting in polydipsia.

When to see the Doctor if you have excessive thirst

It is very natural to feel thirsty, especially in hot climates. The signs of polydipsia however is a prolonged thirst which does not easily go away, even after drinking, and quickly comes back if it does abate. If you think you might have polydipsia you should consult a healthcare professional, especially if it is coupled with a high appetite or increased urination.

What if I already have Diabetes?

If you already have been diagnosed with diabetes and experience polydipsia, then it is likely to be a sign of uncontrolled blood glucose levels. You should have your levels tested if you think you are displaying polydipsia, and make sure you are in control.

You should seek medical advice in the event your polydipsia persists or if you are having trouble with controlling your glucose levels.

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